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High Vibe teacher training July/August

Being a faculty teacher at the High Vibe teacher training in Bali gave me the possibility to draw on all my different experiences and offer them to a group of people willing to receive. Trusting my intuition of what is beneficial for whom, at what time and serving the group of people and the individual, to the best of my capacity.

These trainings have served so well for my own growth and helped me take the practice of yoga in a direction that I feel comfortable with and that I feel is supportive of everyday life. Still learning every day!

At the end of the training I asked if anyone from the group would like to write a testimonial and reading their words made me weep.

I’ve chosen one to share, and I chose this one because it left me thinking: it is so vulnerable to put your own words on the experience with another person. We are such beautiful reflections and inspiration to each other when we share.

"I have had the honor and the pleasure of spending 28 days with Nanna Wagner in a teacher training setting. Nanna is a deeply inspiring yogi, woman and friend. Her dedication and passion for the practice is evident in her classes - which are always connecting, informative and most of all, FUN! She is intuitive and understanding, genuine, supportive and caring. I have cried on her shoulder more than once and each time I was met with so much love and acceptance it touched my heart.

I feel safe and supported in every class with Nanna. Her instructions are clear and easy to understand so that your body is properly prepared for anything from a beginner pose to what could be a very advanced pose. Options or variations are always given along the way with encouragement to stay at a certain level and eventually, safely, work up to the final pose. I remember the day we practiced full lotus; a pose I have practiced before but never in this way! Instead of just throwing your feet up into the opposite hip crease (hmm, wonder why my knee hurts so much?) we spent a lot of time taking the foot to the sit bone and moving it around, learning the movements of the hip joint and how to initiate from the hip instead of the knee –I use this trick now any and every time can because it just feels so good to tune into your body this way and I know my knees are being protected. I would highly, highly, recommend taking a class, workshop or training with Nanna. I know I definitely will again in the future!" - Kelly

Big thank you to everyone who dared to share their words with me. You all truly inspire me and may we keep being suppottive of each other.

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