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Spring, summer and fall

With so much traveling it can be a challange to settle and I very much enjoy returning to places I've been before and see familiar face along the way.

For springtime and fall I created a short course in Copenhagen - very simply called: yoga for wellbeing.

Having the same group of people coming back, every week and seeing how each person evolves over the course of 6 - 8 weeks confirmed to me how powerful it is to have a steady practice and set a side time to do it.

In the summer I also fit in some study time for myself with Sally Kempton in Italy and was fortune to offer asana sessions each day.

It got me diving more into, how the practice of asana can be supportive of our meditation, vise versa.

At the end of the fall course, seeing how the melting together of meditation and asana, and getting people to express their experience after each session, it leaves me in awe and a new steady course for what I wish to do more of in the furture.

A little muse I was left with on the last day of the fall course: Letting go is no longer an act of dropping something rather it is an act of dropping into, to fully see with clarity, what is serving and what is not. Dropping into so that we can release that which no longer serves and create growth for what is.

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