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Ibiza - luxury with a sense of home

The motivation of students can make magic happen.

So in the end of April I set of to Ibiza for a small privat retreat.

The retreat was at a private home owned by a student of mine and we had planned 5 days of daily yoga, relaxation and good food.

Quite fast we all ended up helping in the kitchen and the days run by with lighthearted company, daily yoga on one of the terraces or on the living room floor, a few walks and a lot of rest and talk.

My favorite part of practice became the tranquil savasana surrounded by the mountains and the view of water.

One our last night we went to a local restaurant and enjoyed a meal outside the house. After the retreat some of the girls stayed around and spend some dayes in the city.

I rented a car and went to explore the northen part of the iceland.

Still grateful for my friends willingness to open up her home to all of us and I do hope to be going back to the magic of Ibiza again, in the near furture.

Pure Magic !!!

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