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India, Ayurveda

My first time going to India came as a great suprise as I was asked, last minute, to go and teach on a group travel all ready arranged by Grace Tours.

I was teaching each morning and some afternoons at a beautiful roaftop overlooking the sea.

And receiving about 2.5 hours of Ayuvedic treatments a day.

Receiving daily treatments and taking time to practice and rest inbetween teaching. The days run by fast and the journey I got to take with my own body, is priceless.

The first days of treatments are spend on softening the body so that any illnesses can be revealed. Then a process of purification followed by a restoring, rebuilding and a sense of intergartion, before heading back to daily life.

Being with the group, knowing that they too were going through the daily treatments I decided to let the practice be calm, setteling and supportive of the process of the treatments.

The mornings would start with simple pranayama, then a short meditation and then asana practice.

The afternoons were practice of yin therapy, a few times we played around and ended in handstand or headstand.

And some afternoons were set up for lectures about creating an intention, talking about Ayuveda, meditation and how all these practices can be supportive when returning home.

Finally I had a private session with each person attending to talk about a personal program they could use when arriving back home. This was a great gift for me as well, as it gave me the opportunity to look at what part of practices that could be suitable for each individual.

All in all a great trip and I truly hope to bring people back to the Agastyaa heritage ayurvedic center as it is a place of steady practice of treatments.

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