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Lisbon, Antwerp and Bali

The fall passed fast and turned into wintertime in Bali.

This fall was a big leting go, of things in the way I was use to. I went to Lisbon for the European Yogi Nomads and returning back to Copenhagen, I quit my main teaching job and soon after I was off to Antwerp to teach for ten days.

With only two hours in Copenhagen airport, next stop was Bali.

First to teach a retreat with my dear friend Emily Kuser. Then assisting Tara Judelle in a training and as time passed, I extended my ticket multible times and ended up staying in Bali for 4 months.

I got to still create small donation based events and teach workshops while most of my time in Bali was spend on exploring the way of my own practice and setteling with the changes that had gradually happened over the last year or so.

Bali has such a natural approach to healing and it's found there in so many forms. So I got to explore, adding more and more understanding of healing to my own practice and the way I teach.

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