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Assisting Tara Judelle in Paros

Last minute my dear friend Konstantinos contacted me as they needed an assistant for his and Tara's immersions and tacher training in Paros. I jumped in and little did I know that a hole new book of learning was to open to me.

My body has always been a great wonderland to me and the way that Tara teaches, was like one big reminder!

I remember one morning meditation where I suddenly found myself in the experience of massaging myself in between my vertebraes...

So, to put it short, the book that opened to me was a new way of listening and exploring within my own body. Feel what would present itself and then afterwords go to seek it out in books, just to verify what I had found and gain better understanding.

Looking back I realize that this event was a catalyst for me to start exploring the great inteligence, I keep meeting within my own body.

To top it all. We ended up having a supricse meet up in Mykonos with Sianna Sherman, whom I had just hosted a few months back in Copenhagen.

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