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Host support for EYN Lausanne

Hosting events in ones hometown is always a special thing and supporting others in their town is a great joy and experience.

Trust me there are moments where you are challenged when hosting traveling teachers and hosting an event with 10 -14 teachers, there is a lot of cordination.

At one point in the EYN history we decided to create a host support system. One who had previously hosted in ones own home town, would offer support to someone else in the process of making an event in their hometown.

This again was a great learning experience and still learning ...

Christine who is the local teacher in Lausanne has such a big heart and sweet connection to her community, so supporting her was like receiving a great warm hug in the wintercold.

One of my favorite quotes from the weekend comes from a local teacher when he was teaching meditation. Be strong and still quite as a gentle snowflake when it touches and becomes one with the ground.

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