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Co-teaching with Chris Chavez

Ohh my .. When I was first to co-teach with Chris we had never meet. I hadn't even stalked him on social media to find out who he was. So we meet at the teachers practice, on friday evening for the EYN event in Basel where we would be teaching together on sunday morning.

The planning for our first class taught together happened on a napkin over dinner and I remember when we had the napkin done, we high fived and agreed that we had just created a class we would both Love to attend!

We have now co-taught in Basel, Copenhagen and Paris, each time having a blast and so much fun.

Me and Chris teaching together has always involved some spontanious outburst from both of us. Joking with each other while teaching or Chris grapping a guitar, or finding the hidden piano in the corner just to play a dramatic tune for a few seconds.

To quote a student who attended our first class tought together: "that was really a historical class" and it went by the title - burn baby burn!

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