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The first European Yogi Nomads Event in Berlin

In October 2011 we had the first European Yogi Nomads event.

It all started with 4 girls attending a retreat in Costa Rica (march 2011) and talking about how we could see eachother more often and share what we all love. One crazy idea led to another and in October we kickstarted what would turn out to be an amazing journey with a wide community.

The first planning for the event was one workshop tought by a traveling, and a local teacher on a saturday and for the evening a potlock dinner for everyone, teachers and students. As the planning started the event grew organicly and the weekend ended up having one class and a teachers practice on friday, the workshop and potluck dinner saturday and two classes on sunday. The event ended up having many locations in Berlin and all classes was taught by two teachers, locals and traveling.

I had personally just settled after a traveling summer being in charge of registration for (what turned out to be) John Friends last European tour. So seeing so many familiar faces and re-connecting with people from all over Europe, was such a Joy!

I am forever grateful to Jana, Anja, Anne and myself for having the courage and couriosity to kickstart this project!

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