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8500 dkr.

6500 dkr.(for students or unemployed)

Contact if you are studying or unemployed.

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Cancellation policy:

If you for some reason are unable to participate you can cancel the course for an administration fee of 500 dkr. Alternatively you can give the spot to someone else. 


To be announced 

How would it feel to navigate life with greater trust and clarity?

Do you know the resonance of your intuition?

Can you hear that gentle whisper of your heart?

- The meditation experiment
a 50 hour meditation course

Come sit

Come sit is a course for those who want to learn and integrate meditation through practise, exploration and curiosity! It’s a playground for us to experiment with a great variety of practises, safely guided and with room for reflection and sharing.


You’ll learn and practise:


  • Meditation techniques

  • Bodywork and movement

  • Breathwork

  • Contemplating

  • Writing exercises


Come sit offers a space for dedication and helps you carve out time to actually sit in meditation and experience the power of sitting in a group. It will be a space that allows you to feel, allow hidden emotions to surface and profound shifts to occur. Because, here is the thing - if you wanna change something, you have to allow the experience! 


There isn’t a fixed goal or end point. Instead I’d like to ask the question : How can we lose ourselves in the act without being concerned with the outcome? How can we give ourselves that freedom, within experience, and not be attached to an expected goal?


A key element in this course is openness. An openness towards what happens in the moment, being with the actual experience and acknowledge the shift in awareness. This is an essential point for integrating meditation into our daily life. 


It’s simple: Come sit! The meditation experiment … 

… And the rest will unfold.


About Nanna

Nanna has been teaching yoga and meditation full time for more than a decade. Her own love for movement grew into teaching that grew into exploring and sharing meditation. Her teaching style is characterised by a curiosity of body awareness, sensibility, subtle movement and bringing meditative awareness into our daily life.

Always leave space
for wonder

The Practicals

You will receive a weekly email with practises, litterature and quotes to help integrate meditation in your daily life.


In the hours we have together, we will practice. We will do the good old classic > learning by doing < immersing ourselves in meditation and supplementing practices.  


All are welcome. Advanced as beginners. I really do believe we all have much to learn by sitting together.  


The course will be taught in English, with easy access to Danish translation.


Throughout the course we will create a manual, so that at the end everyone has a copy with material you recognize.

What people say

“I'm extremely grateful to Nanna for her support on my meditation journey! 

With lots of respect and lots of humour her meditation sessions felt safe and very accessible, and they always left me curious to learn more. I really enjoy that Nanna does not have to turn meditation into a dead serious and sacred practice to convey the depth of it, she just gave me the opportunity to experience it for yourself.”

Björn, regular attendee at Roklubben, Rört


“Jeg kan varmt anbefale Nanna som meditationslærer. Man mærker hendes lange egen praksis og fortrolighed med de teknikker, hun introducerer. Hun er engageret og velforberedt og deler gavmildt af sin store viden.”

Lisbeth Beierholm, deltager på udforsk dit potentiale 2018


“Lots of stuff has been going on in my mind the last few months... I know the answer is always within, but my meditation self-practice has been a confusing and cluttered place to go, because of all the thoughts... 

Luckily I also know what to do and who to go to, when I get thrown of track. 

I have gone meditating with this freaking talented lady Nanna Wagner and I feel rejuvenated, loved and in the best way guided back home to my own practice.

Thank you Nanna - you are exquisite as a teacher, friend and lover of life” 


Pernille Aven Lupai attendee udforsk dit potentiale 2018


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