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Thank you for your interest and welcome to my website 

I offer yoga and meditation in studios, educations and workplaces. 

Currently I collaborate with NOR: Nordic health house on their yoga teacher training.


I’ve practiced and taught yoga and meditation for the past decade+ and have a love for bringing the practice into different environments. So do you have an interest in bringing meditation or yoga into your workspace or have other great ideas you can reach me at:  


If you’d like to know more about me as a teacher you can read a little about my journey with yoga and meditation in about.

To know more about the trainings I facilitate in follow the links below:


This summer 2024 I'll be presenting at Yoga Mela Festival

Come join the fun July 13th - 20th ...

For a cherry on top of the cake use PROMO CODE : YMP079 

Meditation at work

I offer tailored workshops and courses for companies in meditation. 

Meditation is a great tool to help us maintain mental health and stay grounded in all the daily shifts.  


I do believe meditation is to be experienced vs understood theoretically 


To know more about what the workshops offer (in Danish):

Be true to yourself and everything will be ok

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