A 50 hour meditation course

Come sit is a course for those who want to learn and integrate meditation through practise, exploration and curiosity!


It’s a playground for us to experiment with a great variety of practises, safely guided and with room for reflection and sharing.

"I'm extremely grateful to Nanna for her support on my meditation journey! 

With lots of respect and lots of humour her meditation sessions felt safe and very accessible, and they always left me curious to learn more."

- Björn

I offer tailored workshops and courses for companies that wish to provide a break for their employees during the day and give them tools to create a healthy balance between performing and recharging.


It can be a workshop of 1,5-2 hours or a weekly course at your workplace.


Read more about meditation at work by clicking the link 

below (information currently only in Danish - let me know if you need it in English shoot me an email at

“Det gav en form for ro og et rum til eftertanke på et personligt plan, i et rum fyldt med kollegaer.”
- Medarbejder, Mentor Danmark 

Be true to yourself and everything will be ok

Meditation at work
Come sit
 - The Meditation Experiment

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