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Copenhagen touch down, Athens and Paros

Returning to Copenhagen I got to, once again co-host Sianna Sherman and the day after I leaped off to Athens for the 10th addition of European Yogi Nomads.

I was host supporting the Greek team and had the pleasure of teaching along side Ross Rayburn.

Stepping into teaching alongside people who have a firm stance in their own practice and teaching is always easeful and fun.

Right after the event in Athens I went of to Paros to teach a retreat with Emily Kuser. It was still springtime on the island and we had a small gathering of people enjoying good food, having the beach to our selves and practicing together 4-6 hours a day.

I always joke that food made by a Greek mother makes me cry (it actually does) and these weeks in Greece was full of good food, happy tears, people coming together to explore and share practice, shaking off winter and headed towards summer with renewed energy ...

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