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Grassroots that sprout

In late summer I was fortune, not only to teach at The Copenhagen Yoga Festival but also teach at Move Copenhagen.

Both events that had sprouted from people with great ideas, daring to make their ideas become reality.

Copenhagen Yoga festival off course has it's main focus on yoga and such a joy to see how they manage to not only have focus on the physical but the weekend included chant, meditation, lectures and so much more.

Teaching at the yoga festival has a special place in my heart and for this one I had invited my musician friends Yoginii and Kristian Thorsager to "play along" while I was teaching.

Move Copenhagen is a community driven festival, celebrating the diversity of movement. So the weekend include the opportunity to play with Slackline, climbing and bouldering, yoga, acroyoga and parkour.

So when not teaching I was all up for playing around and exploring movement. So much fun!

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